T-Bone: The Best Mascot in the AHL And That's No "Bull"!
T-Bone's Bullet Points
Named Craziest Mascot in the American Hockey League by “That’s No Bull” magazine.
Was hired by the San Antonio Iguanas as a Cattle Guard. Later he HERD about an opening with the Rampage and auditioned to be the mascot. His toughest competitor was “The Chicken” but beat him due to the Chicken smelling FOWL.
Was named the 2005 MVB (Most Valuable Bovine)
In October 2002 T-Bone appeared in 45 Games- with 45 starts- averaging 2.5 beefy brawls and 12 minutes in the penalty box per game. Not to mention 116.8 giggles per period and 12.4 t-shirts per intermission.
The only mascot in the AHL who takes part in the “Eat More Chicken” campaign.
Makes over 150 appearances each year, averaging 22.5 spare rib tickles per visit.
During 2004 season became the first mascot in the AHL history to make a slap-shot while slapping a player from the opposing team.
Full Name is BOVINAE ICEHOCKEIOUS. Often referred to as “THE BEEFY ONE”.
Graduated from Brown University in Low Land, Texas. Also known as B.U.L.L.
Favorite song is the “Hey” song. He gets hungry every time he hears it.
Favorite Movies: The Incredi-bull Journey, Bull Durham, Home on the Range.
Favorite musical group is the “Crazy Cow Patties”.
T-Bone has a girlfriend named Patty La Belle, but everyone thinks she’s rather RARE.
The only mascot that personally helps “steer” the stock market into a "bull" market.
In 2006, he asked every Ice Girl on a date in one game. However, none of the girls had the courage to go through with it because they got “cold feet”.
Started out working for the San Antonio Rodeo in the bull riding competition. Decided to quit because all the cowboys kept “riding” him about never standing on four legs.
The best mascot in the AHL, and that's no "bull"!


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