Fresh Faces

10/05/2012 8:53 AM -

Jean-Francois Jacques has always been a bit of a double threat. The 6-foot-3, 230-pound winger is a physical force, enough so that he earned some big NHL minutes with both the Edmonton Oilers, and most recently, with the Anaheim Ducks last season.

While he is certainly capable of throwing his weight around, Jacques does something that one would not necessarily expect of someone who plays a big physical game. He can score. 
In 65 games last season with the Syracuse Crunch, Jacques scored 40 points (21 goals, 19 assists), good for fifth on the team. His size and strength allow him to get to net and make him particularly hard to move once he gets there. 
“Jacques is a big man, he’s experienced and he can really get to the paint,” said Rampage head coach Chuck Weber. “He can do a good job with his physicality and he likes contact. That’s something we kind of lacked last year.”
Jacques took some time to answer a few questions on his adjustment to his new team and home following the Rampage’s second day of training camp.
How was your summer? 
It was good. It was long, but I got some good workouts in. I worked on strength and some skill stuff mostly. But we’re finally back here and we’re ready to go at it. 
How are you adjusting to town?
It is a little different. I’m from 30 hours up North, but the summers are kind of the same, really humid and hot. I’m happy it won’t snow here this winter, though.
What do you like about San Antonio so far?
I like that it has everything. It’s a big city with lots of places to go and the guys have told me there is really good barbecue around here. There’s also some great history downtown and I’m looking forward to it all.
How do you adjust to the talent that’s coming into the league because of the lockout?
Well there’s going to be guys like that everywhere and we have guys here that probably have a good shot of making the Panthers. But I think we have a strong defensive team and we have a couple of guys who can score 30 goals a year. We might not have the firepower other teams have, but what we don’t have offensively I think we have defensively and in our goaltenders. I think we have a really well rounded team.

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