Caption The Photo & Win Big Winners!

Thank you fans for submitting your captions in our first Caption The Photo & Win Big Contest! Below are our winners who will be coming to the AT&T Center tonight to be the first to skate on the 2011-12 season ice! Thank you to everyone who entered and Ready. Set. Rampage!

Our Caption The Photo & Win Big Winners:
Winners will be contacted shortly with the email provided with details about the skate.

Jeff Shelton
: Yonkman- "No sir, I don't ride Babe the Blue Ox to the games..."

Nathan Mallett: Nolan: But there IS no one my own size!

Jordan Williams: Roughing?! I'll show you roughing!

Linda Cielencki: "You're calling this because Im taller than the both both of you, arent you?"

Gail Purvis: "Honest he was just introducing himself, ref!"

Kevin Roark: "High Sticking! Whose shoulders are we talking about!"

Michelle Little: "What do you mean "High Sticking"? I can't help it chest high for me is over your head!"

John Sellers: "I said you whistle like a girl and skate like one too!"

David McKibbin: "Ref: What did your mom feed you dude?
Yonkman: Your in San Antonio Texas we do everything Bigger here.
Other player Thinking : when I grow up I want to be a Rampage hockey Player!"

Michael Estep: "It's okay, I just want to talk to him! C'mon ref, I just want to talk to him!"

Jorge Cardona: "Ref: Whoa Yonkers you are going bonkers
Yonkman: He said I look like Blake Shelton so I RAMPAGE'd on him
Opponent: Wait what happened I dont remember anything, all of a sudden I'm on the ice."

Randall Manning: "What ever you say, Mr. Rampage! No harm, no foul!"

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