Coach Edward's Blog: All good things must come to an end

Well the summer has officially begun and it is too early for it to happen. When you are in the hockey business ending in April is not a very good feeling.

It has been a crazy year, starting off so well in San Antonio and with all the changes here in Phoenix.  November was a challenging month and being asked to take over the head coaching duties was no easy task. It was tough to get the opportunity that way but I learned a ton from Greg and I know he will be coaching again this year. I would like to thank him for everything and wish he and his family all of the best in the future.

Having the chance to work with Mike Pelino provided me with a great opportunity to learn from him and was a great highlight of the year. We made a push for the post season but fell short and now I am on a flight back to San Antonio after being part of the Coyotes playoffs. It was a great experience. But believe me when I say that John Krouse and Mike Ermatinger are probably excited to get away from me since we have spent almost 16 days in the same hotel eating almost every meal together and of course spending numerous hours at the rink. I hope they both have a great summer. We are truly blessed to have two of the best in the business on our staff!

A special thanks to all of the Spurs folks for all that they have done for us…they truly are one of the classiest organizations I have had the chance to work with!

I am excited to see what the next few months brings and am hopeful to see all of our great fans in September!

Thanks for reading and have a great summer!!


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