Catching up with ... Matt Watkins

SARAMPAGE.COM caught up with Matt Watkins for a question and answer session ...

How are you staying busy during the off-season?
This off season I have spent the majority of my time training for the upcoming hockey season as well as working on my parents farm near Aylesbury, SK.  I spent a few weeks at the farm full time before heading to the city to start a training regiment, but still head back to the farm on most weekends. Also, have played some golf and went to the lake a couple of times.

Describe what your first year of pro hockey was like?
First year of pro hockey was overall pretty good.  There were definitely some ups and downs and times of uncertainty, but it was something I learned from and tried to get better from. I look forward to building on this past year in the upcoming season.  I really enjoyed the cities we played in and the weather in Texas.

What is your focus going into Coyotes training camp?
I am focusing on doing whatever I can to get myself in the best position to play in the NHL.  I just want to go into camp and play my way into a position where I make it difficult for the decision makers to send me down.

What do you think will be the key to the Rampage’s success this year?
There are lots of positives to build off of from the second half of last season with the Rampage and with some of the new signings and players having more experience I think many of the pieces are there to have a very good team in San Antonio. Overall, I think you just have to believe you can be a good team and really want to win and good things will happen.

Who can grow a better mustache? You or Hollweg?
Holly is the undisputed mustache King.

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